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Amazon Shopping

Below are links to some of my favorite Amazon office products that I have personally used, or have experience with so I can recommend them.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases (at no additional cost to you).  By using these links you can help to support my webpage, thank you :)

Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

Smart speaker with Alexa

I bought this years ago and keep it in my office.  I also bought one for my son.  It must be configured to connect to wifi in your house.  This is a fairly easy process however thru an Alexa webpage.  Once you buy the device there are no additional costs unless you subscribe to Amazon's paid music service.  However there is free music available with services like I-Heart Radio.  That is setup thru the Alexa webpage as well.  The most common things I use it for are:  checking on the weather, setting upcoming reminders, spelling of a word, status of an Amazon order, and talking to my son occasionally on his Echo device.


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AT&T CL4940 Corded Standard

Phone with Answering System

I've bought several phones over the years but so far I like this one the best.  The price is good and it's reliable.  It's a phone, answering machine, and caller ID all in one.  Fairly easy to figure out but comes with a good manual if you need it.  Only down side is eventually the back lit display wears out but that will take years.


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Y'all Got Mail Postal Mail Alert Flag

This is one of my all time best purchases.  It's a flag you mount on the side of your mail box that pops up and alerts you when you have mail.  This means you don't have to walk down to the mail box continually.  I've had it for years.  Here are a couple of tips:  I inserted a wooden dowel so the plastic rod would not bend.  Also I extended the end of the flag rod 1/2 inch more beyond the front of the mail box than the instructions said to insure it would catch on the latch.

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Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1TB

SSD Solid State Drives are faster and more reliable than traditional hard disk drives.  If you need to replace your hard drive, an SSD would be a good choice.

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Kensington Wired USB Mouse

I've used a lot of mice over the years but this one is my favorite because the price is low, it's reliable, and it just works.  I use it on my office computer, and it's the one I recommend to my clients.

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Kensington Mouse-in-a-Box and Keyboard Wired USB Desktop Set

This is the same mouse I described above but also includes a nice wired keyboard.  I prefer wired mice and keyboards because they are more likely to work, and I don't have to deal with the batteries ever.


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Endust Electronics, Screen Wipes

These are designed for cleaning computer and TV screens, but I use them for other things like cleaning off my desk, mouse, keyboard, and my glasses.


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Hand Held Electric Blower

I mostly use this blower for cleaning out computers, for myself and for clients.  However I've used it for a variety of cleaning including extensive roof repair 3 years in a row.  The only thing I had to do was put electrical tape around the black nozzle to insure it didn't blow off the machine.


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Bostitch InPower Spring-Powered Premium Desktop Stapler

This stapler is spring loaded, so just a light press and it goes thru 20 plus pages.  I bought it mainly for assembling my computer class outlines, but I use it for everything.  Works great on a smaller number of papers as well.

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GE 6 Outlet Surge Protector

This is an electric surge protector like any other, but what makes it different is the two phone jacks on the end.  If your internet comes in thru a phone line you can get hit by lightning and that can fry your modem as well as your computer.  With your internet phone line running thru this surge protector, it will fry and not the rest of your equipment.  I have always used this in my home and it has saved my equipment twice over the years during storms.  Of course it has to be replaced once it stops the lightning strike.  These are very hard to find anymore and Amazon is the last place I know of to buy them, when they are in stock.


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DVD Storage Binder Set

Each binder holds 48 CD or DVD disks giving you easy access.  I bought them to hold my collection of Star Trek disks.  The original cases they came in were made of harder plastic which made it difficult to remove each disk.  These paged binders are much easier to work with.


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Epson EcoTank ET-4760

Wireless Color Printer

Epson EcoTank printers use bottles of ink instead of the normal cartridges.  As a result the ink lasts much longer.  This printer is rated for 6000 color pages from the replacement ink bottles.  Included bottles are somewhat less.  By comparison my HP Deskjet F4180 printer that uses a #22 color cartridge is only rated at 160 pages, yet the costs are about the same.  On the Amazon webpage there is a choice of a black printer or a white printer.


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