Programs For Sale

To order any of my programs, please call Dave at  763-689-5912

Sales tax and shipping will be added to each item ordered.

Programs are sold to one person for their person computers only.

Reminders $29


Here is a simple program that helps you remember things like birthdays, TV shows, car maintenance, and doctor appointments. As events arrive, you mark them done. Then the program automatically advances the event to the next reminder date.


Never miss another birthday again!

Flash Back $29


Backing up your data is so important. Using a flash drive can be convenient, but not if you have to backup several folders each time.


This program makes that process easy. Once you have selected the folders, you click a single button to copy all those folders to your flash drive.


Now you can easily backup every day.

Dave's Easy Print $29


This program solves one simple problem. How can you easily print something you see on the screen.


Have you ever tried to print part of a webpage, only to find out it was too small to read?


Now you can. Just bring something up on the screen, press PrtScr on the keyboard, start my program, and click print.

Customers, Addresses, Labels,

and Accounting $49


If you've tried other complicated programs and are ready for something simple,  this is it.

Keep track of customer information,  print labels.

Record income and expense transactions, then easily print reports.

Dave Larson    763-689-5912