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Hi my name is Dave Larson

I repair computers, design webpages, teach classes, and write computer programs. I've been in business over 30 years now based in Cambridge Minnesota.


Most of my work is done onsite, so you can see what is going on and I can answer all your questions. I take the time needed to do the job right and make your computer easier to use.


Give me a call today to talk about your computer problems.


Dave Larson in Cambridge MN

​Computer cleanup and setup

  • Cleanup your computer to make it run faster.

  • Setting up your new computer so it's right the first time.

  • Troubleshoot problems and error messages.

  • Removing viruses and other unwanted programs.

  • Recover your data when the computer won't start.

  • Installing new software programs.

  • Answer all your questions.

I'll take your old computers

If you have computers or laptops you don't want anymore I'll take them for parts and testing even if they don't work any more.  I will make sure any personal files are erased.  Give me a call and we can make some arrangement, or you can drop them off at the Joy Lutheran Church two miles south of Cambridge in the Goldenwood area.  Just let them know it's for me.

>>> The only thing I can't take is printers and the large old style CRT monitors <<<

Onsite computer training

Any of my classes can be taught at your location, like your place of work or church.

Private tutoring is also available if you prefer to learn at home on your own computer.

Give me a call for more information.

Remote support thru the internet

Do you live far away?  I may still be able to help with your computer problems by working remotely thru the internet.  This is easy to do if you have Windows 10 or 11 and a fairly good internet connection.  Give me a call and we can talk about your needs.

Do you need some typing done ?

Long or short, if you need something typed up I can do it for you.

Examples might be some family papers, obituaries, or that new book you want to write.

In the end you'll have a printed copy and a document file you can access later.

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